Selena Gomez claps back at fat-shaming trolls: "I Love My Body"

Selena Gomez claps back at fat-shaming trolls: "I Love My Body"

Selena's fans came to her defence after internet trolls made nasty comments about her weight gain. 

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez/Instagram (@selenagomez)

Selena Gomez has been body-shamed so many times over the years that she has stopped reading social media comments. 

But that hasn't stopped people from leaving mean comments. 

The 30-year-old rang in 2023 with heiress Nicola Peltz and her husband, Brooklyn Beckham - the son of Victoria and David Beckham. Selena and Nicola wore matching Valentino mini dresses during their New Year's celebrations. They also headed to the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 'Ice Cream' hitmaker wore what many people wear to the beach - a swimsuit. This seemed to be an invitation for random people on the internet to comment on her body. 

While many people commented on how gorgeous the star looks, internet trolls noted that she had gained some weight, with some calling her "huge". 

“She gotta lose some weight she looking tubby,” one Twitter user commented. 

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Selenators - as her fans are called - were appalled by the comments, especially because Selena has spoken out about her mental health struggles in the past. 

The singer's weight fluctuates as a result of her lupus condition. She also had a kidney transplant in 2017. She talked about how her health problems contributed to her mental health in her documentary, 'My Mind & Me'. 

Selena revealed late last year that she might not be able to have kids as a result of all the medication she has to take for her bipolar condition. 

She hoped that talking candidly about her journey would help people going through the same things and encourage others to be kinder. 

But many didn't get the memo that we are leaving fat-shaming behind in 2022. Selena's fans took to TikTok to defend her against the latest attacks. 

"How miserable do you have to be to go onto someone's comments and talk about somebody's weight and how they look?" one user asked

Selena saw the post and left a comment. "I love you girl but I got it. I love my body," she wrote. 

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And with that, Selena let all her body-shamers know that they can keep talking, but self-love is her theme for 2023 - haters be damned!

Main image credit: Instagram/@selenagomez

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