Sbahle Mpisane shares new details about her 2018 car accident

Sbahle Mpisane shares new details about her 2018 car accident

Sbahle Mpisane says she wasn't drunk when she lost control of her car in Durban. 

Sbahle Mpisane
Sbahle Mpisane was involved in a horrific accident in 2018/ Instagram (@sbahle_mpisane), Rescue Care

It's been nearly four years since Sbahle Mpisane's near-fatal car accident and the fitness guru says she is still recovering from the incident.

She recently sat down for an interview with entertainment blogger, Owamie Netshivhazwaulu, to talk about what happened that night. 

Sbahle says she "broke all the bones" in her body when her BMW 4 series hit a pole and a tree on Margaret Mncadi Avenue and overturned in the early hours of 9 August 2018. 

Sbahle spent several months in ICU. Sbahle says after the trauma, pain, and agony, she has finally built up the courage to speak her truth. 

Speaking to Owamie, Sbahle says she was not drunk on the night. 

"I won't say that there was no alcohol involved, you know, because at the end of the day I was out. But I don't drink to get drunk and drive, obviously, because we know what happens. I was fine, it's just that it was a whole situation that no one knows about that got me into the car accident and only I know what happened. The people who can actually speak, it's only me and someone else," she said. 

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Sbahle reiterated comments she made in previous interviews that someone she knows caused her accident. 

"Someone was the cause of my car accident but there were no cameras and number two, I am alive, and number three, I happened to know the person. The person was my friend, but it's nothing to talk about," she said.

Sbahle says she won't mention the person's name.

The personal trainer says she spoke to the person and they admitted to the role they played in the crash. 

She says she is just happy to be alive.

"I forgave the person because they didn’t do it intentionally... when alcohol is involved, a lot happens... They're forgiven and  I will never bring their name up.”

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Sbahle also opened up about what happened moments before the crash. 

"There was a car I was protecting myself from... the person was coming full speed towards my car... obviously I had to drive fast now to try to get away but, I was being stupid because while driving fast and focusing on the road, I decided to be shouting [at the driver of the other car]...  I happened to knock the side of the road which made me knock my head, I passed out, full acceleration, hit the robot, went straight to the tree,” she said. 

Watch Sbahle's full interview with Owamie below. 

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