This roach infested hotel will make you cringe

This roach infested hotel will make you cringe

We don’t know about you, but when we stay at a hotel we expect a squeaky clean room free of cockroaches! 

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Two men in America have discovered what they have described as the most “disgusting roach infested room” they have come across.

Dan Bell and his friend reportedly stayed at the Econo Lodge in Rockport, Texas, and were so appalled by what they found, they decided to film it for the world to see.

At first glance their room looks fairly decent – that is until they noticed that they had company in the form of nasty roaches and bed bugs.

As if that was not cringeworthy enough, there was also hair between the sheets, and what appeared to be a blood stain!

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Dan and his pal decided to give the room a thorough check after spotting bugs crawling around everywhere – including in the fridge.

Some of the roaches were even dead!

It does not end there – shockingly.

One of the hotel’s cleaners, named Michelle, left an envelope in the room for a tip!

The men managed to get a better room after rightfully complaining. Sadly, we doubt Michelle got a tip.

Check out the shocking video. 

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