RIP: WWE legend Razor Ramon has passed away

RIP: WWE legend Razor Ramon has passed away

The sad news broke on Tuesday morning.

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Say what you want about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in current times, but you have to admit that at its peak in the late 20th century, pretty much all of us watched it.

One of the superstars of that era was Razor Ramon. Sadly, the badass wrestler from Maryland in the USA passed away on Tuesday at the age of 63 from a blood clot which resulted in multiple heart attacks.

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Born Scott Hall on 20 October 1958, Razor Ramon enjoyed great success thanks to his bad guy persona.

He made his wrestling debut in 1984 with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) before joining the WWE (then WWF) in 1992. He also wrestled under his real name in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where in 1996 he founded the New World Order (nWo) faction alongside Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

In 2014, Razor Ramon was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and will be fondly remembered for his rugged good looks and exceptional abilities in the ring.

As a tribute to Razor Ramon, here are some of his career highlights:

Razor Ramon's WWF debut

SummerSlam 1995: Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

Razor's Edge - Razor Ramon's Famous Finishing Move

Razor Ramon Was Smooth On The Mic


Image Credit: YouTube / WWE

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