Rihanna slammed for posing topless with Hindu deity necklace

Rihanna slammed for posing topless with Hindu deity necklace

"This is insulting!" Rihanna has been accused of religious insensitivity for sharing a topless picture of herself while wearing a necklace that features a Hindu god. 

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"Stop using my religion as an aesthetic!" That's what one Twitter user told Rihanna after she posted a racy picture of herself on social media. 

The singer was wearing a necklace with a pendant of the Hindu god, Ganesha. 

"It is a holy and sacred figure for us Hindus," one woman wrote. 

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One Twitter user accused Rihanna of cultural appropriation.

"We are so tired & if we raise voice against this cultural appropriation so we are labelled as Hindu extremist. For you all hinduphobics it is just necklace but for us he's god. Please stop telling us what is offensive & what's not."

But some Twitter users came to Rihanna's defence.

"Ganesha never said you can only believe in me if you're Hindu!" one man wrote. 

Another user added: "Being topless is not something of blasphemy as suggested by many."

The singer is yet to comment on the controversy or remove the image from her social media pages. 

Here's a look at what others had to say:

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