Rihanna shares Vogue make-up tutorial for going out

Rihanna shares Vogue make-up tutorial for going out

Forget the other make-up tutorials you've seen. Ri Ri shared a tutorial that will leave you wanting to see more.

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It seems that Rihanna may be the newest and funniest make-up artist around.

Her make-up line, Fenty Beauty, launched back in September last year and has been very successful. Forbes reported that since inception, the brand had earned over $72-million in Earned Media Value.

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Apart from everything else that she's involved in, Vogue Magazine took to their Instagram to share that the star will feature in their upcoming June edition. 

In an hilarious 10-minute video, she gives a make-up tutorial in true Rihanna fashion.

The star told Vogue that she was exposed to make-up up at a young age by her mom and picked up tips that she uses to this very day.

Even though the star has a make-up artist, there are a few areas that she prefers to do herself. “I’m super, super caught up about my brows and my nose contour," she said. 

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Be prepared for Rihanna to get you club-ready with this make-up tutorial:

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