Rachel Kolisi tells women to respect her marriage

Rachel Kolisi tells women to respect her marriage

"Respect my relationship and woman to woman respect me," Rachel Kolisi says after fan calls her husband Siya "a type".

Rachel and Siya Kolisi

Rachel Kolisi, the wife of rugby star Siya Kolisi, put a Twitter user in her place after she made disrespectful comments about her man.

The Twitter user described Siya as a "type" while responding to a question about pursuing someone in a happy relationship. 

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The user was against the idea but implied that she would make an exception for one star.

"No... Although Siya Kolisi seems like a type," she wrote in two separate tweets. 

Rachel, who has two children with Siya and also helps take care of his younger brother and sister, criticised the woman for crushing on her husband.

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Rachel went on to reveal that an Mzansi star recently encouraged a friend to hook up with her husband.

"I watched a local tv show last week where a local “celeb” was encouraging her friend to “go after/date/hook up” with Siya Kolisi. Had to rewind a few times to make sure I heard right," she wrote.

Rachel did not reveal who the celebrity was but she warned women to respect her marriage.

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