PODCAST: Two languages, one love for crazy music

PODCAST: Rubber Duc, Posduif and the Good Things Guy

Nick Jordaan and James Boland join the Good Things Guy to chat about the two versions of their band - one in Afrikaans and one in English.

Rubber Duc & Good Things Guy

Rubber Duc is an independent, fresh, four-piece band made up of Nick Jordaan (Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-hat), Brendan Campbell (Lead Guitar, kick drum, backing vocals), Sheldon Sham (Saxophone, crash, tambourine, backing vocals), and Amiel Gopal (Bass, snare drum, backing vocals).

Their unique “folk-swing-hop” sound immediately gathered them a flock of followers and media attention – they’ve been called “Joburg’s hottest new band” and “the next big thing” – all of this in their first year of existence…

Rubber Duc’s melodies are catchy, and the lyrics are nostalgic, evocative, and clever. Whether performing original material, “ducking up” covers, or poking fun at the world around us, their live performances guarantee a good time for all.

Formed in 2018, Posduif is their Afrikaans band that has all the same members and the addition of James Boland (as lead vocals). The “other taal” band made its bow earlier last year with the single 'Brandy Special', which racked up 300,000 views in just a matter of days.

It’s a crazy interview that will leave you laughing, and really wondering who actually writes the music!

Listen to the interview below:

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