Petition launched to ban Lana Del Rey from using PicsArt after album cover debacle

Petition launched to ban Lana Del Rey from using PicsArt after album cover debacle

Lana Del Rey released the cover art for her upcoming album, 'Blue Banisters', but her fans think the artwork is a total disaster. They've dubbed it the "PicsArt Cover".

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del rey/ Instagram

Ban Lana Del Rey from PicsArt! That's the title of a new petition that was started after Lana dropped the cover art for her new album, 'Blue Banisters'.

The cover is so bad that her fans believe she designed it from the comfort of her home using the photo-editing app, PicsArt. 

It doesn't help that the picture she used for the album is a selfie she took in August 2020. 

The selfie...
The album cover...
The reaction...

Yes, Lana's fans are not only demanding that she releases a new album cover, but they also want her banned from PicsArt. 

More than 3,000 people have signed the petition calling for her ban. 

It turns out Lana is not a first-time offender. 

She was also accused of using amateur photo editing skills to design the cover art for her single, 'Let Me Love You Like a Women'. 

Lana's fans have made it perfectly clear  - leave the photo editing to the graphic designers. 

"Lana had terrorized [us] just way too long with these edits, we need to stop her. Sign this for a future of quality album covers from Lana again," the petition reads. 

But Lana Del Rey Stans came to her defense. 

"CAN U GUYS BE GRATEFUL FOR ONCE BECAUSE ALL I HEAR EVER SINCE THE END OF NFR ERA IS COMPLAINS... she literally gave us a poetry album, summertime Gershwin version, chemtrails album, 3 music video from that era and now shes giving us a new album on july 4th!"

Seriously, you need to calm down! 

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