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Pearl Thusi played it cool during recent armed robbery attempt

While many of us would have freaked out in the situation, Pearl Thusi was cool, calm, and collected. 

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An armed robbery has to be one of the most terrifying things ever. The fact is that you never quite know when it's going to happen. 

Model and actress Pearl Thusi took to her Twitter account to share an ordeal which saw a gun being pulled on her.

The incident took place at a stop street in Braamfontein. A gun was pulled on her and the man threatened her life, all because he wanted her phone.

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But instead of choosing to fight, she just said 'no' and drove off, not even giving the man with the gun a chance to retaliate. 

"Someone definitely just pulled a gun on me on the road in Braam while I was in my car. Then said I must give him my phone or he’ll shoot me. I said no, then drove away (luckily the light just turned green). I only started freaking out a few minutes later. 😂 #thuglife," she said in a Tweet.

Soon after, she tweeted about how lucky she was to have survived the incident. 

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