Our favourite meme kid Gavin Thomas is all grown up

Our favourite meme kid Gavin Thomas is all grown up

Gavin Thomas's face has been shared hundreds of millions of times around the world and all in the name of a good laugh. 

Gavin Thomas
Gavin Thomas/ Instagram

You might not know his name, but Gavin Thomas has one of the most recognisable faces in the world. 

His face has been used in scores of memes and giphs over the past few years and earned him a bit of fame along the way. 

The nine-year-old has over one-million followers on Instagram.

He gained fame on Vine - a popular short-form video hosting app - when he was just two-and-a-half years old, thanks to the weird faces he made. 

His face has reportedly been shared a billion times online ever since. Gavin is often called 'The Meme Kid'. 

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Here's a look at some of the meme-worthy faces that made him famous. 

Gavin recently shared a picture of himself pulling his famous smirk. Social media users could not believe how much he has grown since his viral memes. 

"OMG you got soo big. I remember the time you couldn't pronounce "blueberry" lol," one follower commented.

Another user added: "The internet’s son is growing up."

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Gavin has made a big name for himself since his toddler meme days. He has a large following in China and draws large crowds whenever he visits the country.

Gavin is reportedly worth over a million dollars. He has also gained an impressive following on YouTube, TikTok and Byte. 

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