On the red carpet at Khanyi Mbau's 'Red Room' movie premiere
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On the red carpet at Khanyi Mbau's 'Red Room' movie premiere

By day she's our Traffic Reporter, but by night Andi James takes on the red carpet as an Entertainment Reporter. She got the opportunity to chat with Khanyi Mbau at the red carpet premiere of her new movie, 'Red Room'.

Andi James and Khanyi Mbau / Instagram
Andi James and Khanyi Mbau / Instagram

The 'Red Room' movie premiere was nothing short of amazing. The evening took place on 28 February at Suncoast's Cine Centre. 

According to the movie's YouTube channel: "Zama Marawa played by Khanyi Mbau loses everything, she ends up at a place of safety which turns out be anything but that. A sexy thriller that takes audiences on a rollercoaster mind journey. A host of stars make this a must watch. Some phenomenal performances and story that will keep you riveted."

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Red was the colour of the night and Khanyi Mbau, the guest of all guests, rocked up in a lovely red boob tube gown with a side slit to the heavens.

Red wine and hors d'oeuvres were served to guests, and I manage to get up close and personal with the lady of the evening.

I got the chance to get to know her and find out what fans and her might have in common because deep down, we all want to know the people we admire.

I asked her some random rapid questions:

Me: Chicken wings or tripe 

Khanyi: "Tripe"

Me: High heels or sneakers 

Khanyi: "Of course darling, heels"

We touched base about her new movie, 'Red Room', and about her character in the movie. Mbau plays the role of a pregnant woman married to an elite man who's on the run. Khanyi says the movie is to shed a light on human trafficking and the abuse of women in the world. 

Watch the official trailer for the movie below:

We entered the cinema to watch the premiere, and I felt like I was a part of Johannesburg’s best sitting in a room filled with the stars of our nation and beyond. 

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The night ended with a glass of red wine and mingling with the who's who of the movie industry. A definite night to remember. 

As I said, Khanyi looked gorgeous, and I took a picture to prove just that. 

The movie opens in cinemas nationwide on Friday, 8 March 2019, so make sure you check it out. It has a storyline that is bound to have you gripped. 

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