North West called out for "stealing" ZaZa's 'What I Do' beat

North West called out for "stealing" ZaZa's 'What I Do' beat

Battle of the pint-sized rappers! North West remixed a five-year-old Instagram star's song without her permission and the internet was not having it. 

North West and ZaZa
Zaza (left) and North West / Instagram

North West's music career has barely taken off and she is already being accused of stealing beats. 

The six-year-old made her rap debut at Kanye West's fashion show during Paris Fashion Week a few days ago. 

While her dad was beaming with pride, many who saw a clip from the show thought the beat of North's new song sounded very familiar. 

The aspiring rapper was accused of copying a song recorded by five-year-old Instagram star, Zahara 'ZaZa' Bean.

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Social media users weren't the only ones who noticed that North's song sounded like ZaZa's track, 'What I Do'. ZaZa's family released a statement about the issue on her page.

"We take PRIDE in creativity, and believe whether a child’s involved or an adult... creativity deserves RESPECT/homage!"  the post read.

But it seems the family is not mad that North used ZaZa's beat and only want the credit she deserves.

"What @kimkardashian (Kanye west) are doing with their daughter... with the inspiration of ZaZa & our family in mind is okay... we not mad BUT.... PLS SHOW LOVE AND SUPPORT TO THE ORIGINAL FIRST!!! We admire Kanye west, and adore his journey. However, we don’t wanna feel like our daughter’s journey in the world of entertainment is being STIFLED." 

Listen to ZaZa's song below:

Here's North's version:

North's mother Kim Kardashian has responded to the drama. She said North is a big fan of ZaZa's and meant no harm. 

"We love you, North is a huge fan and records in the studio all the time with her dad and is inspired by ZaZa and loves Lay Lay too! Today's performance of North’s remix of ZaZa’s song was something she asked to do at the last minute and a complete surprise. I didn’t mean to not give credit where credit was due. Would love for the girls to meet soon," the reality star wrote. 

Kim also gave ZaZa credit when she shared a picture from North's performance on her Twitter page. 

Twitter users are not impressed with Kim's explanation.

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Main image courtesy of Instagram/@redcarpetgirlz and @kimkasrdashian

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