Naomi Campbell says aircons can give you wrinkles

Naomi Campbell says aircons can give you wrinkles

While showing off her luxury villa in Kenya, Naomi Campbell revealed that she does not like air-conditioned rooms because they give her wrinkles! 

Naomi Campbell
Supermodel Naomi Campbell / YouTube

Take notes, ladies! Supermodel Naomi Campbell says air conditioners can give you wrinkles.

She made the claim while giving Architectural Digest a tour of her luxury villa in Malindi, Kenya.

“I just love this room. It’s just chilled. We have air conditioning. I don’t personally sleep in air conditioning. I don’t like it, it gives wrinkles, I believe," she said. 

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The 50-year-old was recently appointed Kenya's new international tourism ambassador. She says she first visited Malindi in 1994 and fell in love with the area in 1999.

"People have the wrong perception about Africa. It's a beautiful place... Kenya is a natural gem. It has the safari, the bush, the coast, the dunes, it has all the elements and people don't realise it," Naomi said. 

The model added that she hopes her home tour inspires people to visit Kenya. 

"I hope that you all now look at Kenya with different eyes and come here and enjoy the gorgeous nature."

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Main image courtesy of YouTube/Architectural Digest 

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