Minnie Dlamini rocks new super short hairstyle!

Minnie Dlamini rocks new super short hairstyle!

Minnie Dlamini has chopped off her hair, but don't worry she hasn't gone Britney on us. In fact, she looks stunning!


Minnie Dlamini really loves experimenting with her hair as we have seen many times down the years, and this week she is back with a new hairdo.

The TV personality, who sometimes rocks a weave - like everybody else -  has now decided to go short and it doesn't look half bad. Minnie recently chopped off her hair and she has once again proven that there really no hairstyle that she can't rock. Seriously!

She posted a picture of her new hairdo on Instagram and wrote: "I did it, hair chopped @molamudimotsamai is the 1." 

She's already getting positive feedback as a large chunk of her fans think the new hairstyle suits her.

Looking at the pictures below, wouldn’t you agree?


I did it 💇 hair chopped @molamudimotsamai is the 1 ❤️

A photo posted by Minnie (@minniedlamini) on



A photo posted by Minnie (@minniedlamini) on


One fan wrote on Instagram: "You look so good with your natural hair, suits way better than a weave does." While another one felt inspired. The fan wrote: "You have inspired me to cut mine!" All her fans seem to be crazy about the new hair. This fan really just summed it up. "loving it....viva la short hair!!!"

We agree with her fans and it's good to see more and more celebrities pushing the natural movement. 

We love that Minnie has joined the movement too, even if it's not permanently, because it means more girls around the country will be more accepting and comfortable with their natural hair (And hey, with the prices at salons these days it wouldn't be the worst thing for your purses either!) 

And as Minnie is clearly proving, you can look just as good with natural as with a weave. 

Next up, however, we want to see how Minnie would look if she was bald! Do you think she could pull that off?  

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