Minnie Dlamini Jones: "We all need to show support to KZN"

Minnie Dlamini Jones: "We all need to show support to KZN"

The Durban-born star has asked South Africans to support each other. 

Minnie Dlamini Jones
Minnie Dlamini Jones / Instagram

Media personality Minnie Dlamini Jones has condemned the acts of violence that have been happening in the country.

The Durban-born star has asked for support following the ongoing unrest in the province.

"It’s so easy to turn a blind eye to something that isn’t affecting you directly. But we all need to show support to KZN," said Dlamini Jones.

She said her heart breaks at how the on-going violence will result in so much loss.

"My heart breaks at the local business owners who can’t recover from this, the jobs lost, the people injured, the people killed..."

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"The family’s who have run out of food, the stores have been destroyed & the ones that haven’t are running low on everything. The mothers with small children who can’t get formula and nappies. The people who are ill and can't get medication (Still covid)...

"The entire province waking up with fear every morning and going to bed to the sounds of bombs and gun shots,"wrote Dlamini Jones on Instagram.

Yes we need compassion & prayers but we also need to start standing together & helping each other.

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Image courtesy of Instagram/ @MinnieDlamini 

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