Mihlali on Shane Eagle's racy Twitter pic: 'You won’t find a wife'

Mihlali on Shane Eagle's racy Twitter pic: 'You won’t find a wife'

Double standards! YouTube star Mihlali had the perfect response to Shane Eagle's eyebrow-raising selfie. 

YouTube star Mihlali Ndamase
YouTube star Mihlali Ndamase/Instagram

Mihlali Ndamase is using her platform to highlight the double standards women face when it comes to sharing steamy images. 

The influencer and YouTube star did not mince her words when sharing her opinion on the sexy picture rapper Shane Eagle shared on social media this week.

Shane trended on Twitter on Wednesday after posting an image of himself holding his manhood. While he was wearing shorts in the snap, it was quite obvious what he was showing off.

Click here to view the racy image. 

There was mixed reaction to Shane's post, with tweeps either drooling or accusing him of being desperate for attention. Mihlali noted that the comments would have been a lot harsher if he wasn't a man. 

She used sarcasm to respond to Shane's picture in the same way many would respond to a similar image posted by a woman. 

"I wish men would respect their bodies more, your body is the temple of the Lord, you were created in His image. What kind of examples are you setting for your young audience? Don’t let fame change you Shane, remain humble. You won’t find a wife with such low morals," she wrote. 

The 23-year-old added: "This behavior makes me question if Shane really makes his money from music, or it’s just clout from posting his mamba? I’m so disappointed, I used to be such a huge fan but now I question him being a good role model for my future sons. I can’t have my kids look up to such."

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You tell them, girl!

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