Mi Casa set to tour Africa

Mi Casa set to tour Africa

Mi Casa are on a mission to unite Africa through music.

Mi Casa Legacy Tour Africa

South African group Mi Casa is taking their music across Africa. 

The group revealed on Instagram that their 'Legacy Tour' will see them visiting several African countries. 

"This will not be like any other tour. Our intentions are clear - We want to EXPOSE, EXPLORE & UNITE all through MUSIC. We will do this."

Mi Casa kicked off the tour in Algeria at the weekend. It was the band's first time in the North African country.

They spent some time sightseeing before taking to the stage for an epic performance. 

"On and off stage, the moments we've experienced here in #Algeria are so priceless. The people, the culture and man oh man the food is so amazing! Exposing, Exploring and Uniting all through Music."

Mi Casa also got to experience Algeria's amazing hospitality after their cab driver's wife cooked them some traditional food. 

"How crazy is this? Today we really wanted to eat local Algerian food. Everything was closed so we spoke to our driver and his wife made us this food? Traditional couscous with chicken and some potato, leeks and chickpea sauce served in their traditional crockery. What made it even more special was that we had to eat it in our room because the hotel wouldn't allow us to eat it downstairs. It was delicious!!!"

The group is yet to reveal which other countries will be included on their tour. 

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