Man lets Twitter control his night in Vegas

Man lets Twitter control his night in Vegas

It goes without saying that the internet rules our lives.


No longer do we need our friends to entertain us or offer some advice, because the internet does a pretty good job of it all itself. But this guy took it a step further and allowed Twitter to control his entire night in Las Vegas, and, as expected, things got a little bit messy.

The first instruction from Twitter was for Keith to take a nice relaxing float around the lazy river to prepare for the night ahead. When it came to pre-gaming, choosing between taking some Tequila shots or chug beers, Twitter chose for Keith to take Tequila, then move on to playing roulette. After a bit of gambling, the next thing on the list was the Rio zip-line and more shots.

But the best advice ever was when it came to the best 'drunchies' in Vegas. Twitter absolutely delivered, and from the video, it seems Keith had the time of his life!

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