Snake man’s chilled reaction to python attack

Snake man’s chilled reaction to python attack

A man in the United States was attacked by a python and was totally chilled about the whole thing.

Just the sight of any kind of snake will make most humans run for the hills or freeze in their tracks.

But not Jay Brewer. No, he jumped into a pit with three huge pythons with a huge smile on his face.

The California pet owner is quite comfortable around the beautiful reptiles, and when one of them appears to lunge at him, he is remarkably calm.

“This is a grumpy snake, this is reality TV baby,” he laughs.

The drama does not end there. The reptile continues to lunge at the man and at one point bites him on the hand.

"Ow, you sucker, you actually got me," he laughs.

Even more shocking, Brewer continues to record his video, encouraging people to let him know what their favourite snake is.

We like the kind that doesn’t look like its belongs on the set of the Anaconda movie.

The three snakes Brewer can be seen sitting with are apparently the three meanest ones he owns.

“I like big snakes,” he proudly declares.

The video was posted a year ago, but has surfaced once again.

It has been watched over 1,9-million times.

Check out the shocking footage here. WARNING: The mere sight of these gigantic snakes will have you shaking in your boots. 

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