Makhadzi on musical exploitation – "I was raped”

Makhadzi on musical exploitation – "I was raped”

The ‘Haka Matorokisi’ hitmaker shared details of how her stardom came with pain. 

Makhadzi/ Instagram

Makhadzi took South Africa by storm with the release of her single, ‘Haka Matorokisi’, in 2019.

But, her road to fame was not easy. 

In an interview with MacG, the award-winning artist revealed details of how her virginity was taken by a man who used to be a part of her management team. 

"My third manager, the time I was with them they abused me,” she said in the interview. 

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The management team was made of a couple and Makhadzi says she took them as her parents until the abuse started to happen.

"The wife used to abuse me emotionally with words, the way she used to talk to me, the way she used to tell me about my background," she said. 

Makhadzi went on to detail how the husband raped her and took her virginity.

The award-winning singer says the rape continued.

“It was an every weekend routine," she said. 

Makhadzi says she couldn't open up to the wife or anyone about the rape. She said she had to stop working with the couple because she could not take the abuse anymore. 

Watch her full interview below:

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Makhadzisa

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