Local celebs weigh in on SA's new coronavirus measures

Local celebs weigh in on SA's new coronavirus measures

"Artists will be going through the most! No gatherings over 100 people!" says Nadia Nakai. 

Terry Pheto
Terry Pheto/Instagram

South African celebrities are applauding President Cyril Ramaphosa for the tough measures he put in place to help contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The President announced on Sunday that the country will close its border to all citizens from high-risk countries

Ramaphosa has also banned gatherings of over 100. The steps have been widely praised, but they will likely have a big impact on SA's economy

"Great job Mr President! #LOCKSOUTHAFRICADOWN," actress Terry Pheto tweeted after his address. 

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One of the new measures bans gatherings of more than 100 people - a move which will affect scores of local musicians. 

"Artists will be going thru the most! No gatherings over 100 people!!" rapper Nadia Nakai wrote on Twitter. 

Musician Simphiwe Dana believed shows could still be possible if concertgoers took one measure. 

"We can still do this if you guys wear masks at shows. Serious." she wrote. 

The 'Iliwa lam' hitmaker added: "It’s only 8 weeks tops. We can ride this out. Let’s not panic."

Nadia and Simphiwe are not the only stars worried about how the coronavirus outbreak will affect the entertainment industry. 

Actress Rami Chuene worried artists who do freelance work would suffer financially. 

"A prayer for the freelancers, session workers, the ones with no UIF benefits. Gigs being cancelled/postponed. May your employers meet you at your point of need."

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YouTube star Lasizwe feared the outbreak will have a negative impact on employment. 

"People are going to lose jobs because of this," he tweeted. 

He wrote in a separate tweet: "Honestly I am so scared for when the #CoronaVirusSA hits the hood."

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