Listen to Demi Lovato’s new song ‘ Dancing With The Devil’

Listen to Demi Lovato’s new song ‘ Dancing With The Devil’

Kickstart the weekend with Demi Lovato's smashing hit 'Dancing With The Devil'. 

Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato has finally released her much anticipated single ‘Dancing With The Devil’. 

The song was released on Friday, 26 March. It details the star’s past struggles with mental health. 

She sings about how she faked her happiness. 

“ I told you I was okay but I was lying. I was dancing with the devil. Out of control. Almost made it to heaven. It was closer than you know. Playing with the enemy. Gambling with my soul,” she sings. 

The song comes out after the singer released her new four-part documentary, 'Dancing with the Devil'.

She shares  intimate details about her life, including her 2018 overdose 

Her documentary started airing this week and has been trending on YouTube. 

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In the ‘Losing Control’ episode, the star opened up to what led to the near-fatal overdose that led to her being hospitalised.

“Any time that you suppress a part of yourself, it's gonna, like, overflow at some point. And that's ultimately, like, what happened to me in a lot of areas of my life and it is what led to my overdose, for sure," she said in the documentary. 

She also explained that she crossed the line. 

“ I crossed a line that I had never crossed in the world of addiction,” she added. 

The 28-year-old said it was during quarantine that she managed to reflect and work on the traumatic events of her past. 

“It's interesting that it took me a quarantine to work on this trauma stuff. I have never really taken the time to, uh, dig deep and do the work on," said Lovato. 

The ‘Heart Attack’ hitmaker also reflected on how she could not help her father who suffered from alcohol abuse. 

“I also felt a lot of guilt over the years because I've been such an advocate for mental health yet here was my father, who had bipolar and schizophrenia and then on top of that the disease of addiction, you know and I hadn't helped him the way that I would've helped other people or the way that I had been preaching about. And that really ate up at me, but, ultimately, like, I know that he was kind of too far gone at that point. He needed to realize that he needed help himself,” said the singer. 

“If you look at my family history, my mom has dealt with substances and an eating disorder, so I didn't know any different. 

“Then I was put in beauty pageants, where it's extremely competitive and it's all about your looks and your talent. My self-esteem was just completely damaged from those beauty pageants. I remember actually making a pact with myself, saying, 'If I don't win this pageant, I will never eat again'."

She says after becoming a star didn’t ease the pressure. 

“Then you put me in front of a camera and on stage and it's just like of course I'm going to be super competitive,” she said. 

Listen to her song and watch part of her documentary below. 

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