Lady Gaga drops emotional music video for 'Top Gun' song 'Hold My Hand'

Lady Gaga drops emotional video for 'Top Gun' song 'Hold My Hand'

"When you feel lonely, sad, removed from the world, far away from yourself and others hold my hand" - listen to Lady Gaga's inspiring new song. 

Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise
Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise/ Instagram (@ladygaga)

Lady Gaga's new track, 'Hold My Hand', is already getting Grammy and Oscar buzz. The 36-year-old released the song this week and just dropped the music video. 

'Hold My Man' features on the soundtrack for Tom Cruise's new movie, 'Top Gun: Maverick'.  Lady Gaga took to Instagram to share the meaning behind the emotional song. 

"I wanted to say that I wrote the song for the INCREDIBLE movie #topgun #topgunmaverick but also for people who feel like they’re not gonna be ok or WE ARE never gonna be ok and that life taught me through hard times to have faith in humanity when it’s hard to have faith in yourself," she wrote. 

The star added that she has been blessed to sing, write, and produce amazing songs for her fans. 

"When you feel lonely, sad, removed from the world, far away from yourself and others #holdmyhand. One day you may even be strong enough to hold your own." 

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Music critics are already predicting that 'Hold My Hand' could win an Oscar for 'Best Original Song' in 2023.

The first 'Top Gun' movie earned Berlin an Oscar for their hit, 'Take My Breath Away'.

"Sounds straight out of the '80s ie. Berlin, classic soundtrack cut, with a touch of Whitney Houston. Well done! It's about time some of today's best musicians went back and recaptured some of what made that one of the best decades in rock," one YouTube user commented.

Another user added: "Powerful voice, beautiful lyrics. I gotta say staying and stanning this woman till now was one of my best choices. This song deserves more acknowledgment. I don't know about the others but I just teared up hearing this song, this woman is singing her heart out."

Watch Lady Gaga's emotional 'Hold My Hand' video below.

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