Kris Jenner shares shocking news: 'They found a little tumour'

Kris Jenner shares shocking news: 'They found a little tumour'

An emotional Kris Jenner shares some sad news with her family...

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'The Kardashians' star Kris Jenner/ Instagram (@krisjenner)

The new instalment of 'The Kardashians' is almost here, and the season five trailer has revealed some shocking news about one family member. 

In one part of the trailer, Kris Jenner reveals some shocking medical news: "I had my scan. They found a cyst and like a little tumour."

The family's matriarch was visibly emotional while making the announcement. 

Kendall Jenner hugs her sister Kylie, who is breaking down in tears.  

Elsewhere in the trailer, Kim Kardashian is still in law school, Khloe is still talking about Tristan Thompson, and Kourtney Kardashian is still on cloud nine after marrying Travis Barker

Kourtney opens up about the emergency fetal surgery she underwent before welcoming her son, Rocky Thirteen Barker. 

The Lemme founder was still pregnant when season five was recorded, but shot the reality show promo images after giving birth. 

"I was three months postpartum and not feeling quite ready for a big shoot like this where there’s lots and lots of people watching me all day. And even though my baby boy was with me all day on set, it’s not the same when I’m covered in makeup, in high heels and wearing a dress versus our snuggly days at home in pajamas," she wrote in a recent Instagram post. 

However, she decided to look on the bright side. 

"Something I’ve been doing lately is shifting my mind set and thinking of the positives! I am so blessed to be able to bring my baby to work. How fun to get to be glammed up when I’ve been home for months in pajamas. How blessed to get to work alongside my sisters and mom…we really have so much fun together! What a beautiful life!"

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Drama is also brewing between Khloe and Kim. The sisters, who have been super close in the past seasons, seem to be going through a rough patch.

"Sisters can be vicious and brutal," Khloe says in the trailer, while Kim adds: "Khloe is unbearable these days." 

Watch the full season five trailer for 'The Kardashians' below. 

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