Kobe Bryant's death gave Amber Rose courage to get face tattoo

Kobe Bryant's death gave Amber Rose courage to get face tattoo

Amber Rose says Kobe Bryant's death inspired her to get a tattoo she has always wanted but was too scared to get.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose/ Instagram

Amber Rose just got a face tattoo and she does not care what any of her haters think.

The model got her sons' names inked on her forehead. She proudly showed off her Slash and Bash tattoos on Instagram. 

"Do whatever the f**k want with your life," the 36-year-old said after some of her followers said she was "too pretty" for a face tattoo. 

Amber defended her decision to get the permanent tribute to her sons during an interview on 'One on One with Keyshia Cole'.

She explained that she decided to live her best life after Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash.

"I don't want to sound corny, but after Kobe died it made me reflect on my life... I been wanting this tattoo for a long time and I was like life is so short, just do it, just live your best life with no regrets," she told Keyshia. 

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Amber's boyfriend, Alexander 'AE' Edward, also got a huge face tattoo in honour of their son Slash.

He got Slash's date of birth inked on his forehead. AE included Amber's son with Wiz Khalifa in his face tattoo tribute. 

Amber is not the only celebrity who was inspired by Kobe Bryant to get a tattoo. The Game inked Kobe's LA Lakers jersey number above his eyebrow in honour of the basketball icon. 

"Forever," the rapper wrote on Instagram. 

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♾ F O R E V E R

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Chris Brown is also sporting a new face tattoo.

The 'No Guidance' singer got a sneaker tattooed on his cheek.

Amber, The Game, and Chris Brown might be loving their face tattoos, but not everyone is feeling their new looks. 

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