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Kim's assistant talks life with the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian's assistant Stephanie Shepherd has revealed what it is like to work for the famous family.

Kim Kardashian's assistant Stephanie Shepherd

Stephanie Shepherd works for one of the most famous women in the world. 

As Kim Kardashian's executive assistant, Stephanie has to make sure the reality star's life runs smoothly 24/7.

She started as Kim's assistant in 2013, and the job is so hectic that she even has her own assistant to boss around.

Stephanie sat down for an interview with Refinery 29, and revealed interesting details about what it is like to work for Kim and her family.

When she first started, some of her duties included doing Kim's laundry, booking all her travel, and even putting strollers together. 

But it's not all work and no play. Being a member of Kim's inner circle has its benefits. She gets to travel with the star's family, and gets presents on Christmas and designer freebies. 

Stephanie has also developed a close relationship with Kim, and says she will take a bullet for her. 

Here's what Stephanie had to say about life with the Kardashians.

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Kim Kardashian is the most hardworking person on the planet

Despite her glamourous lifestyle, Stephanie says Kim is down to earth, and was dressed in sweat pants and had no make-up on when she interviewed her for the job. She says Kim is also the most hardworking person she knows. "Kim's never really taken a break, you know? She's the hardest working person, both her and Kanye.."


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Kanye West is actually very funny

"I know everyone thinks he's so deep and serious, but he’s also so funny, like he has me rolling laughing, and sometimes I’m like, Is this inappropriate that I’m laughing so hard? But he’s just so f**king hilarious, he has these one-liners, and he’s just so unfiltered. He makes me laugh so hard, but he's also truly the hardest-working man I've ever met."

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Kourtney didn't really like her at first

"Kourtney and I weren’t really close at all when I first started working — I don’t think she really liked me at first to be honest! ... Now we talk all the time and we'll go to dinner, or I’ll spend the night at her house."

happy wife happy life 🏆

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Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney workout religiously

"Being around Kim and Kourtney and Khloe, I’m always working out. I never was a big exercise person before, but they work out religiously. So I’ll drive to Calabasas and work out with Kourtney or with Kim here and there." 

team try too hard #2017

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Kris Jenner doesn't take no for an answer

"Kris Jenner is a f**king G... If someone tells her no, she has no problem standing her ground and saying, 'We're not accepting that, get someone on the phone and make it happen. That woman can literally get on the phone and change the world. And somehow, she juggles all of these kids, all of their careers, and still makes sure that every assistant, every staff member, has a Christmas present, delivered to us by Christmas, with a thoughtful card."


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