Kim Kardashian sets the record straight on what her talent is

Kim Kardashian sets the record straight on what her talent is

Kim Kardashian is tired of people asking her: "What is your talent?". This is what she had to say...

Kim Kardashian wearing silver
Kim Kardashian wearing silver/ Instagram

Kim Kardashian's talent has always been a talking point. 

The 41-year-old rose to fame after a sex tape featuring Kim and her then boyfriend R&B singer Ray J was leaked online in 2007. Her family's hit reality show on E!, 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' also contributed to her international fame.

She went on to establish successful businesses, score major endorsement deals, and made the cut on Forbes' billionaires list. Her net worth is estimated at $1.8-billion. 

But despite all her achievements, to this day, people are still questioning what her talents are. 

The socialite addressed the issue in a recent interview.  

Interview Magazine writer Mel Ottenberg said to Kim: "I’m curious. You were always like, 'For a girl with no talent, I’ve come really far.' Let’s get it on the record. What is your talent?"

Kim explained that she used to say that she is a girl with no talent because of how people would ask her what she is famous for. 

"I think it came from people saying, 'What are you famous for?' And I’m like, 'Well, we have a TV show.' But just because we’re not singing and dancing and acting on the show doesn’t mean that the fame didn’t come from that. But then, I would write that as a hashtag, not bad for a girl with no talent, because people used to be like, 'Well, what do you do? What’s your talent?' And I’m like, 'Didn’t know I needed one'. I mean, I can give you a million fu**ing talents. I can cook well, use my toes for anything. I could tell you the weirdest fu**ing sh*t on the planet," she said. 

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She went on to clarify that her talent is marketing. 

"But I think my talent is marketing and the business behind selling products and knowing what the customer wants and making it feel attainable, but also a bit unattainable at the same time. I wouldn’t say that’s a talent. I think it’s a bit of magic and business savvy. Maybe it is talent, I don’t know."

She added that she doesn't care what people call her or how they feel about her. 

"I don’t really care what people think of me or say about me. I mean, model, that’s funny. But, I would just say more of the business side, because that’s all I’ve really cared about. Hopefully one day it can say lawyer and mother. I think those are my most important roles, but I don’t really look at my Wikipedia page, so I don’t really care."

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Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Kim Kardashian

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