Kim Kardashian slammed for selling "dirty" Birkin bag for R1,3-million

Kim Kardashian slammed for selling "dirty" Birkin bag for R1,3-million

The Kardashians are big fans of the Hermès Birkin but would you pay more than a million rand to own one of their used and "dirty" bags? 

Kim Kardashian poses on a couch in a cream coloured coat.
Kim Kardashian/ Instagram (@kimkardashian)

Kim Kardashian's pre-owned Hermès Birkin handbag collection continues to make headlines several weeks after it was posted online. 

The billionaire reality star and businesswoman is reselling the bags on the Kardashian Kloset website. 

Kim's family, which includes sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, sells their previously worn clothing items on the site.

While many of their fans are willing to spend 100s if not 1000s of dollars on the clothing, one item in particular has garnered negative reviews. 

Kim is currently selling four Birkin bags on the website. Hermès Birkin bags are sought-after by the rich and famous. 

The bags, which retail for anything from $2, 000 to $350, 000 plus, are considered a luxury investment as their value increases over time. 

Kim K is cashing in on one of her investments, despite it looking slightly worse for wear.

She is reselling a grey Birkin bag for a whopping $69,995 (R1,3 million). The Skims founder's Birkin comes in a rare colour and is made from alligator leather. 

Despite the website saying it is in "good condition" with "some discolouration on handles and underside bottom corners, and minor scratching on metal", social media users don't think it is worth the price as it looks like it has make-up or tan stains.  

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Close up of Kim Kardashian's rare Birkin bag
Kim Kardashian is selling her rare Birkin bag for over R1 million/Kardashian Kloset


The bag, which was listed in February 2024, is still available on the website. 

Social media users are surprised that Kim is even selling the item. 

"I can’t imagine having my head so far up my a** as to think my old stuff would be worth paying full price just because it was in my mere presence," one YouTube user commented on a video about Kim's Birkin drama.

Another user added: "They're not broke they are just greedy af! They have always been this way."

Users on Reddit were equally critical: "Seriously how desperate are they for money? And why does no one find it strange that these 'billionaires' are selling their second-hand clothes?"

Another user commented: "This is so embarrassing. Why don't they get it restored by H before selling it?"

A third wrote: "The hardware is all scuffed and dull, the edges are worn and slightly frayed, and it’s discolored from makeup/tanner. Just wow. Anyone who buys this from them is an idiot, they can’t even be bothered to restore it or have it stored properly. Is this even a real piece? They really have no shame!"

However, many have also come to Kim's defence. 

"I’d rather see them sell these clothes than sit on them for years and just go to a landfill. Also, I really doubt they’re pricing these things. They have staff for literally every aspect of their life, I can’t imagine them taking the time to go through these pieces and price them," one person said on YouTube. 

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