Kanye West gets personal on 'Airpool Karaoke' with James Corden

Kanye West gets personal on 'Airpool Karaoke' with James Corden

The ‘Jesus is King’ hitmaker joined James Corden in an airplane to talk about his new spiritual journey, marriage, and how he got out of debt.

Kanye West on the Late Late show
Kanye West on the Late Late show/ YouTube screenshot

Kanye West joined James Corden in his latest 'Late Late Show' on Monday. The two flew on an airplane joined by a choir who performed 'Jesus Is King', 'Souls Anchored', and 'Selah'.

The rap genius, who now sings spiritual songs, told James that God always had a plan for him.

“God’s always had a plan for me and he wanted to use me, but I think he wanted me to suffer more and wanted people to see my suffering and see my pain and put stigmas on me and have me go through all the human experiences,”  he said. 

Kanye, who is now born-again, says people can relate to him more because of where he has been.

“So now, when I talk about how Jesus saved me, more people can relate to that experience. If it was just, ‘We grew up with this guy and he’s a superstar,’ it’s less compelling than this guy who had a mental breakdown and this guy was in debt.”

Kanye says God has helped him be free from debt. "Last year I made 115 million dollars and still ended up 35 million dollars in debt. This year, I looked up and I just got 68 million dollars returned to me on my tax returns," he told James.

"People say don't talk about these numbers, people need to hear someone that had been put into debt by the system talk about this kind of numbers, now that they are in service to Christ," said the star.

He added that he now works for God and his marriage with Kim Kardashian is ‘heavenly’ and 'magnificent'. 

Here's the interview: 

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Image courtesy: YouTube screenshot @The Late Late Show with James Corden

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