Jo-Ann Strauss gets real about her post-baby weight loss

Jo-Ann Strauss gets real about her post-baby weight loss

"Respect your body more than you do other people's opinion," Jo-Ann Strauss says while showing her fans what her stomach looks like three weeks after giving birth.

Jo-Ann Strauss and her daughters
Jo-Ann Strauss and her daughters Instagram/@jo_annstrauss

Jo-Ann Strauss is a woman on a mission. When she is not inspiring fellow moms on her mommy blog she is showing the real side of motherhood that many celebrities shy away from. 

Three weeks after giving birth to her third child, Jo headed back to the gym to work on her post-baby fitness. 

The TV personality, who is now a mom of three, shared candid shots of herself during the workout on her Instagram Story.

One picture shows Jo-Ann with a flat tummy, while another shows her with a "bloated" stomach that could easily be mistaken for a baby bump.

"Also three weeks postpartum. Respect your body more than you do other people's opinion," she wrote.

Jo-Ann Strauss working out out post-baby
Jo-Ann Strauss at the gym Instagram/@Jo_annstrauss
Jo-Ann Strauss working out 2
Jo-Ann Strauss working out postpartum Instagram/@jo_annstrauss

It's not the first time she has opened up about the issues many women face post-pregnancy. 

Scores of South Africans praised the former beauty queen in 2016 when she defended women who choose to breastfeed their babies in public.

"A few people were very offended by me being in a bikini when 38 weeks pregnant.  Probably the same people who would now be offended if they saw me breastfeeding in a restaurant (which I often do – there’s no shame in breastfeeding my baby) and probably the same people who read magazines and take no notice of boobs being used to sell everything from insurance to burgers to cars," she wrote on her blog.

The 37-year-old added that those who are offended must simply look away.

"And why does feeding my baby in the most natural (and best) way for him/ her offend you?... In my (not so humble) opinion, look the other way, if it offends you and allow me to comfort and feed my little baby. I cover myself and my baby while breastfeeding and the fact that you know what’s happening under my delicately draped scarf and that it nauseates you is your issue, not mine, nor my baby’s." 

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