JLO thinks she looks 'chunky' in this pic. Really?

JLo thinks she looks 'chunky' in this pic. Really?

‘Chunky’ JLo, seriously? See the picture Jennifer Lopez thought she looked a bit ‘chunky’ in here. 


Jennifer Lopez must have one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood but the singer doesn’t think so!

The 46-year-old said that she feels like all of us, she even fluctuates in her weight here and there. 

She appeared on The View recently and pointed out that in one of her selfies she though she looked a little 'chunky'

This is what she said about the pic: 

''I was a little bit on the chunky side there as you can see''

Gotta get it in... #workinonmyfitness #gymtime #cardio #thereIamwithnomakeupagain! Lol

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Whoopi Goldberg was shocked when JLo made that comment and shouted 'Do we need to show you what chunky looks like?!'' while standing up and showing off her body. ''This is a little bit on the chunky side! This girl has not been on the chunky side''.

A shy Jennifer corrected herself by saying ''Not chunky, that's not what I meant, I fluctuate. I go up and down like seven or eight pounds all the time.''

Ok so we totally understand what you meant by your comment but still, you cant look chunky even if you tried JLo!

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