Jamie-Lee Domburg talks mini mommy makeover surgery

Jamie-Lee Domburg talks mini mommy makeover surgery

The media personality shared an update on her recovery one week after undergoing a breast reduction and panniculectomy.

Jamie-Lee Domburg lying in a hospital bed
Jamie-Lee Domburg/ Instagram (@jamie_domburg)

Media personality Jamie-Lee Domburg recently underwent a life-changing surgery to reduce her breasts. 

The radio and TV presenter revealed shortly before her surgery that the weight on her chest affected her physically and emotionally.

"For as long as I could remember, dancing had been my passion. It was my escape, my form of expression, the place where I felt most alive. But as the years went by and my body changed, the weight on my chest became a burden, both physically and emotionally," she wrote. 

The situation was so unbearable that she began to dread the pain that came with moving.

"The way my back ached, and this became my daily reality after competing in the Hip Hop world championships in Germany when I was only 16 years old."

Jamie-Lee underwent a breast reduction and panniculectomy a week ago. According to the National Institutes of Health, a panniculectomy "is an operative procedure used for abdominal wall contouring, changing the shape and form of the abdomen by removing significant excess skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue en bloc". 

The former 'Expresso' presenter has a lot of loose skin after giving birth to her son, Luca David, and her weight loss. 

It took her a while to raise funds for the surgery, as it is not covered by medical aid. 

"I saved for years, with the hope that one day, I could be free. In the meantime, I channeled my frustration into transforming my body. I lost weight, toned my muscles, and became the fittest version of myself. But still, the burden on my chest remained, a constant reminder of the freedom I was yet to achieve," she wrote on Instagram. 

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Jamie-Lee is finally free of her burden. She shared an update on her recovery at the weekend.

"Recovery has been slow, and I’m taking it one day at a time. Mentally, I’m on the mountain, running and working out, but physically, I’m moving around like a grandma and trying not to cough or laugh."

She has already made several Pinterest boards for the new wardrobe she will wear once she recovers. 

"Thank you for all the prayers and check-ins. I want to apologize in advance for how much more confident I’m going to be but it’s almost time to say goodbye to this chapter. #BoobVoyage," she wrote.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE,  Jamie-Lee revealed that her procedure didn't exactly go according to plan. She says it turned into an emergency abdominoplasty surgery.

Her doctor reportedly discovered that she had a diastasis recti, which Cleveland Clinic describes as "separation of the rectus abdominis muscles during and after pregnancy". 

The publication reports that her bowel area was exposed through the abdominal separation and needed to be repaired.

Jamie-Lee calls her surgery a "mini mommy makeover". She previously had a 34G breast cup size. 

According to TshisaLIVE, she managed to bring it down to 32F during her weight loss journey. She is now a 32C after her surgery.

"I can't wait to see my Dr. on Tuesday and see what my body looks like under all of these these bandages but the boobies ( I can call them that now) look so good," she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

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Main image credit: Instagram/jamie_domburg (Expresso)

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