Influencer Luana Andrade, 29, dies after liposuction procedure

Influencer Luana Andrade, 29, dies after liposuction procedure

Football star Neymar has joined scores of people in paying tribute to Luana Andrade after her sudden death. 

Luana Andrade sits on a gym mat while taking a selfie
Luana Andrade / Instagram (@luandrade)

A Brazilian reality star and influencer has passed away after undergoing a liposuction procedure on her knee. 

Luana Andrade reportedly suffered a "massive pulmonary embolism" and died in a São Paulo hospital. 

According to Mayo Clinic, "a pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that blocks and stops blood flow to an artery in the lung. In most cases, the blood clot starts in a deep vein in the leg and travels to the lung". 

The hospital told the Globo in a statement that Luana "experienced an abrupt respiratory event and went into cardiac arrest" two and a half hours into the surgery. 

The statement, which is in Portuguese, further states that she suffered "massive thrombosis" and was transferred to the ICU. 

"Despite all the efforts of the hospital team, she progressed unfavourably and died," the statement reads, according to Google translate.


Luana's boyfriend, João Hadad, shared an emotional statement on his Instagram page following her death. 

"I am torn apart and living my biggest nightmare. A part of me left," he wrote in Portuguese. 

According to the Daily Mail, the pair appeared in a reality show called, 'Power Couple Brasil 6'.

"It was two years by your side and I have no words to express how happy I was... We built a beautiful story and lived our dreams intensely. In addition to being a girlfriend, you are and will always be a partner beyond life, my love," João added. 

The couple often shared pictures of each other on Instagram. Luana's last post about João was in October.

"Every day by your side made me see how good it is to live life together," she wrote on their anniversary.  

Brazilian football star Neymar also paid tribute to Luana on his Instagram Stories. He shared the post one day after criminals broke into the home of his girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, and held her parents hostage. 

Bruna and the couple's one-month-old daughter Mavie were not at home at the time. Police believe they were the intended targets. 

The three suspects reportedly made off with luxury goods worth around $100,000 (R1.8-million). 

"Sad day with two very bad news. First, it was the attack that Bru's parents suffered, but thank God everyone is fine! Secondly, the death of a friend. My condolences to the whole family, may God receive Luana with open arms," the Daily Mail quoted Neymar as saying. 

Main image credit: Instagram/@luandradel


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