If South African politicians were soapie characters

If South African politicians were soapie characters

The elections can get seriously depressing, especially with politicians name-calling instead of focusing on the real issues at hand. 

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We take voting seriously, but every now and again we think people should have a good laugh at the expense of South African politicians, because why not?

Why cry about the messy business of politics, when you can have a hearty laugh before facing the very serious business at the polls on Wednesday.

We decided to pair politicians with their soapie characters, and we have to say some are spot on.

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Mmusi Maimane (all Fezile Mpela’s soapie characters)

Fezile Mpela is well known for his role on poplar soapies such as Generations and 7de Laan. Like Mmusi Maimane, his characters are usually quite posh and educated. We love their twangs as well. *sips tea* 

Fikile Mbalula (Papa G)

Like Isidingo’s Georgie "Papa G" Zamdela, Spors Minister Fikile Mbalula likes to think he is cool. We also think they are both dressed by the same stylist. When Fikile Mbalula is not dabbing, clapping back on Twitter, or dressing like a rapper, he daydreaming about Beyoncé.

Jacob Zuma (Stefano DiMera)

The SABC “tried it” when it took long running soapie, Days of Our Lives, off our screens, but like sands through the hour glass live, so are the days of Jacob Zuma’s lives. Just like Mr DiMera, no matter what you throw at Zuma, he always comes back. He can die 100 times, and poof, he lives to see another day.  Now that is what we call Stefano DiMera tendencies. 

Julius Malema (Pastor)

Gaz'lam actor Kenneth Nkosi, who played Pastor, is basically Julius Malema’s brother from another mother.

Helen Zille (Cherel De Villiers)

Like Isidingo’s Cherel De Villiers, Helen Zille is one smart cookie. She is always cooking up something – whether people are buying what she is serving is another story. Just like Cherel, people love her as much as they hate her!


Angie Motshekga (Sis Ribs)

Rockville’s Sis Ribs, played by Thembsie Matu, should basically sign on to play Education Minister Angie Motshekga in all future biopics.

Mbuyiseni ‘The people’s bae’ Ndlozi (Palance Dladla)

Isibaya’s Jabu Zungu, played by Pallance Dladla, and the people’s bae both have the same brooding eyes that make all the ladies go crazy.

Baleka Mbete (Mkabayi)

Isibaya's Mkabayi, played by Thembi Nyandeni, is often called a “thug granny”. Just like parliamentary speaker Baleka Mbete, she takes no prisoners, and may even ignore the rules – allegedly (we don’t need to get on her bad side}.

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