Hulisani Ravele slams KZN Entertainment Awards: 'Who's paying?'

Hulisani Ravele slams KZN Entertainment Awards: 'Who's paying?'

More service delivery and fewer award shows! "This is wasteful expenditure," says Hulisani. 

Hulisani Ravele
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Who is paying for KwaZulu-Natal's new entertainment awards?

That's what TV personality Hulisani Ravele wants to know after DJ Black Coffee, DJ Tira, and Sjava endorsed the KZN Entertainment Awards a few days ago. 

The awards, which will honour musicians, actors, DJs, actors, comedians, and TV presenters, are set to take place at the Durban ICC on December 15.

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Winners will not only receive awards,  but they will also get a cash prize. Category winners will receive R100,000, while the overall winner on the night will take home half-a-million Rand.

While the awards show is good news for entertainers, Hulisani has a few questions. 

"Who's paying? IF it's govt, this is a spit in the face of dilapidated schools, kids who cross dangerous rivers & walk for km's to get to school, students who can't afford tuition. I'm all for celebrating those who do well, the arts, mara please, this is wasteful expenditure," she tweeted. 

The 32-year-old added that the money could be put to better use. 

"And before you say that the DAC's budget is what is being tapped into and not DBE, shup, there are still many ways that these funds can more purposefully used to uplift members of the arts community in the province. This ain't it."

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Hulisani's tweets received mixed views.

Some Twitter users felt the awards will help bring tourism to the province. 

"Durban local government is being strategic. They're trying to make Durban the place to be. Their increasing their tourism attraction with those awards. I personally think this is a good idea. Limpopo has it's own awards. I love it, a lot provinces can learn from eThekwini," one man wrote.

But Hulisani questioned whether the government could afford to dish out cash prizes at an awards show that will likely cost millions.

"Ningi, I get it, I see the angle. But here's the reality, our government does not have the luxury to be throwing money at celebrities for winning an award, unless ALL those winnings HAVE to be ploughed back into an arts programme IN the province. Awards shows cost MILLIONS!"

One Twitter user suggested that the awards might be intended to help entertainers whose income took a knock during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

"I mean they also tax, they also deserve services. I'm just being the devil's advocate here," the tweep wrote. 

But Hulisani did not back down. 

"So the government could not give artists relief funds but they have money to fund awards? I really hope this ENTIRE thing is funded by sponsors and private funders."

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