Here's all the changes Miss SA will be implementing in 2023

Here's all the changes Miss SA will be implementing in 2023

Married women are now eligible for the Miss SA pageant, but those are not the only changes being implemented this year. 

Miss South Africa 2022 Ndavi Nokeri
Reigning Miss South Africa Ndavi Nokeri / Instagram (official_misssa)

Miss South Africa officials are shaking things up for this year's competition. 

The organisation recently announced that married women will be able to enter the pageant for the first time in its history. 

"This year we have pushed more boundaries than ever before and we are delighted to welcome all women who are ready to step onto our leadership platform and be the next ambassador for South Africa," CEO Stephanie Weil said in a statement. 

Women with children will no longer be shunned. They too were allowed to enter the 2023 Miss SA pageant. 

The organisation has made a lot of changes over the past few years, including the addition of transgender women in 2021.

Women with tattoos and multiple piercings can also enter. There will also be no restrictions on height or weight. 

"We, as women, are so many things; we can be business owners, leaders, innovators, influencers, mothers, daughters, philanthropists, role models, ambassadors and queens all at the same time. Showcasing the multi-diverse nature of all of this will be at the core of the competition," said Stephanie.

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Miss SA Reality TV Series 

Miss SA organisers have also launched a reality series called 'Crown Chasers' that will follow the contestants on their journey.

Officials say the pageant is "no longer just a one-night pageant".  

"Their entrepreneurial and business skills will be put to the test; they’ll be asked to find innovative ways to encourage tourism, to show support for female-owned businesses or to showcase aspects of their culture or heritage. A challenge winner will be selected each week by a judging panel. The series will culminate with the live pageant finale where the winner will be crowned,” Miss SA said. 

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But not everyone is excited about the new changes, particularly allowing married women to enter when there is already a Mrs South Africa competition. 

"I don’t agree with the marital status one. It’s called MISS SA for a reason. That’s why we have a MRS SA contest as well. The international competitions don’t allow for a married participant so if someone that’s married wins they can’t go to international one. I’m all for inclusivity but think a little further down the line," one Instagram user commented. 

Another user added: "I think it should be open to single, in a relationship, engaged, and/or divorced women. But not married women, as married women have the opportunity to enter and participate in *Mrs* South Africa. It also does not make sense when we participate in *Miss Universe, *Miss World, *Miss Supranational."

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If you haven't entered the pageant yet, you are going to have to try again next year. Entries for this year's competition officially closed on Friday, May 5.

In just a few short months, reigning Miss South Africa Ndavi Nokeri will hand over her crown to the new winner.

Will she be the first married woman, mother or transgender woman to win the title?

Only time will tell!

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Main image credit: Instagram/@official_misssa

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