Haibo! Viggy dumps 'Idols SA' after her twin Virginia's exit

Haibo! Viggy dumps 'Idols SA' after her twin Virginia's exit

And then? 'Idols SA' contestant Viggy has decided to leave the show after her twin sister's elimination.

Idols SA twins Virginia and Viggy
'Idols SA' twins Virginia and Viggy/ Instagram

Twins are said to have a special bond, but are you willing to end your shot at fame because of that bond?

Well, that's exactly what Viggy Qwabe did after her twin sister, Virginia, was given the boot on 'Idols SA' on Sunday. 

A tweet on the singing competition's official Twitter page did not reveal Viggy's reasons for the departure.

"After lengthy discussions, Viggy who still remained in the running after Sunday night's elimination has decided to exit #IdolsSA. We would like to wish both #IdolsViggy and #IdolsVirginia all the best in their careers as they are both extremely talented," the post read.

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With little information to go by, social media users naturally came to their own conclusions. 

Some alleged that drama behind-the-scenes was to blame for Viggy's exit. Claims of bullying and physical altercations were also doing the rounds. 

Contestant Snenhlanhla 'Sneziey' Msomi was caught in the crossfire. Tweeps claimed she bullied the twins. The rumours spread like wildfire despite there being no evidence to support the claims. 

The twins have never accused her of being a bully. Sneziey took to her Instagram Story to deny the allegations.

"I have never and will never bully anyone," she wrote.

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'Idols SA' officials have also come to Sneziey's defence. Not only did they reveal that no bullying took place but they also noted that fake social media accounts were being created to spread lies. 

".@MzansiMagic and #IdolsSA would like to state that we are aware of fake accounts that are posting as the contestants which have been reported to our Anti-Piracy team and that THERE WAS NO BULLYING or any physical altercations among contestants in the house. #IdolsViggy."

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