Gayton McKenzie: 'We will not be a Ministry content with congratulating artists'

Gayton McKenzie: 'We will not be a Ministry content with congratulating artists'

The new head of South Africa's arts and culture portfolio says he won't just be a 'Minister of Congratulations' and plans to make it his mission to find more future superstars...

Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Arts Gayton McKenzie
Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Gayton McKenzie/ Instagram (@gaytonmck, @makhadzisa), YouTube/BET Networks

Newly elected Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture, Gayton McKenzie, has vowed to develop South African talent.   

The PA leader was one of 12 opposition members who were named cabinet ministers when President Cyril Ramaphosa unveiled his new government on Sunday. 

Previous ministers have been accused of being nothing more than 'Ministers of Funerals and Congratulations', who only seem to be active when local stars die or win an international award. 

While congratulating Makhadzi and Tyla on their wins at the 2024 BET Awards, McKenzie made it clear that he has big plans for his portfolio. 

"Things are happening already; congratulations to both ladies. We wanna assure South Africans that we will not be a Ministry that will be content with congratulating artist(s) and creatives only, but will go out and unearth more Tyla’s & Makhadzi’s. Help us find more future superstars," he wrote on X. 

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South African citizens and organisations are already sending suggestions McKenzie's way. 

"We'd like to see innovative programs and initiatives that will elevate our nation's talents and traditions," NGO LoveLife suggested. 

One X user asked: "Hi Minister @GaytonMcK. Why, there are no swimming pool sports activities in villages? Thanks."

The minister promised to investigate the matter and also find out why Limpopo does not have a rugby union. 

Another X user urged McKenzie to focus on developing sports in disadvantaged communities. 

"Please deal with the transformation of SAFA. Advocate for sports to be compulsory in schools... Build infrastructure (sports facilities) to expand other sporting codes that children from disadvantaged schools do not currently have...Focus on enhancing grassroots development in sports, arts and culture. Ideally, every ward should have a recreation/arts centre, a library and even a public swimming pool." 

McKenzie has assured South Africans that they will see some major changes during his first 100 days in office. 

"I sincerely hope that my appointment as a Minster or my other achievements despite my past, despite the many insults, despite the many that tried to block my rise should show you that your destiny is in the hands of God. Praise Him."

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Main image credit: Instagram/@gaytonmck, @makhadzisa, YouTube/BET Networks

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