Fan seen touching Zodwa WaBantu inappropriately during performance

Fan seen touching Zodwa WaBantu inappropriately during performance

A video has gone viral on Twitter showing a male fan groping Zodwa Wabantu during her recent performance. 

Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

In 2019 a video went viral showing male fans inappropriately touching Zodwa Wabantu. One man was seen touching her bottom while another was seen pushing her dress aside so he can touch her derriere. 

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Fast forward to 2021, another video has gone viral showing the dancer being touched in between her legs by a male fan. 

In the video posted on Twitter, the man can be seen touching Zodwa's private parts.  

The socialite laughs before pushing the fan's hand away. 

Many Tweeps found the video disturbing, with some saying it is sexual abuse. 

"What happened to Zodwa was sexual assault. That man was entirely too comfortable touching her like that. How do you feel that entitled to other people’s bodies?," wrote Twitter user Naledi Mashishi. 

However, some Tweeps said Zodwa does not seem to mind fans touching her inappropriately based on how she has previously responded to such incidents. 

In 2019, the dancer said she did not find her fan's behaviour offensive/ abusive. 

"They are my fans, there was no abuse whatsoever. Those men are the ones who support me, not all these people making noise," she told TshisaLIVE.

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Below are some of the reactions from her fans relating to the recent video. 

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