DJ Sbu claims Zahara owes him money

DJ Sbu claims Zahara owes him money

Tables have turned! DJ Sbu is accusing Zahara of owing him money and says she has been lying all along.

Zahara/ Instagram

For the longest time, Zahara has been claiming that DJ Sbu owes her money for her album, 'Loliwe'. 

In a recent interview with #PodcastandChillwithMacG, the international star said that her former record label, TS Records, which is co-owned by DJ Sbu, underpaid her for performances, record sales and royalties.

But DJ Sbu says these are all lies.  In an interview with Massiv Metro, the businessman claims that Zahara is the one who owes the record label money. 

“We made history together - and I miss you Bulelwa, I miss you  - but what I don't like is she goes out and says I owe her money, because you know that's a lie ... If you go down to the books at Universal Music, she actually owes us money and she doesn't know that,” DJ Sbu claimed.

He adds that Zahara got paid more royalties than artists normally get paid. 

“Zahara is getting 50% royalty rate and the record label is getting paid 50%, and it usually doesn't work like that,” said Sbu.

This is not the first time DJ Sbu has accused Zahara of lying. He previously said all the money due to her has been paid into her personal account. 

See the statement from the producer below. 

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