Diddy: “I woke up and there was 15 roaches on my face”

Diddy: “I woke up and there was 15 roaches on my face”

Diddy has shared how a difficult upbringing motivated him to become the multi-millionaire he is today. 

Diddy/ Instagram

Jimmy Dean once said: "Poverty was the greatest motivating factor in my life". 

Poverty was also one of the greatest motivation for Diddy to be the legend he is today. 

The hip-hop mogul took to Instagram to give the world a glimpse into the harsh conditions he grew up in. 

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The rapper, who was born in Harlem, New York City, in 1969, shared one hectic experience. 

“One day when I was growing up, I woke up and there was 15 roaches on my face,” he wrote. 

He says that experience made him realise that he needed to work hard to become successful. 

“At that moment I said hell no, I refuse to live like this,” he wrote. 

Today, Diddy is one of the biggest hip-hop musicians. According to wealthygorrila.com, Diddy's net worth is estimated at $885-million. 

Apart from being a multi-award-winning artist, he is a record producer, actor, and clothing designer. 

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The ‘Come With Me’ hitmaker encouraged his followers to pursue their dreams. 

“Work hard, believe in your crazy dreams… AND NEVER SETTLE! #LOVE,” he wrote. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Diddy

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