Did a Texas bar really ban Mariah Carey's Christmas song until December?

Did a Texas bar really ban Mariah Carey's Christmas song until December?

All this American bar wants for Christmas is.... for the festive season to begin on December 1 and not a day sooner!

Mariah Carey in Fall in Love at Christmas video
Mariah Carey/ 'Fall in Love at Christmas' music video (YouTube)

While Mariah Carey is enjoying the never-ending success of her 1994 classic, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', some people think she needs to slow her roll.

A bar in Texas has reportedly banned the song from being played until December. 

As if that is not enough to dampen your festive season cheer, the bar will allegedly play the song one time a night next month!  The message was reportedly put up in October. 

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The bartender after being told he should remove 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' from the bar's jukebox playlist until December 1.  


Mariah put the bar on auto ignore and proceeded to secure her Christmas bag.

The bar has since clarified that it has only decided to skip the track on its jukebox in November but will add it back to the playlist in December.

It's a three-year tradition for the bar. Some of the bar's regulars are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief because they have had enough of fellow patrons selecting the song 101 times a day.  

The 'Queen of Chrismas', Mariah Carey, declared November 1 the start of the festive season.  Not only does she have a new Christmas special coming out in December, but she also dropped a new song earlier this month. 

The jingle, which features Kirk Franklin and Khalid, is called 'Fall In Love At Christmas'. 

Billboard announced on Monday that  ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ is back on the Hot 100 chart (November 27).

It is currently at number 36 on the chart and well on its way to claiming the No. 1 spot just in time for Christmas. 

The song is number one on the Holiday 100 chart! 

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Listen to Mariah's new Christmas song below.

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