Details of Denise Zimba's divorce laid bare in court documents

Details of Denise Zimba's divorce laid bare in court documents

Denise Zimba's ex is reportedly demanding that their two children be returned to Germany...

Denise Zimba and Jakob Schlichtig
Denise Zimba and Jakob Schlichtig/ Instagram (@missdenisezimba)

Two years after their dreamy Stellenbosch wedding, Denise Zimba and her estranged husband, Jakob Schlichtig, are locked in a bitter divorce. 

The singer and actress is back in South Africa with the couple's two children, daughters Leah and Mila, after moving to Germany, where Jakob is from, shortly after their wedding in 2022. 

However, according to court documents seen by Sunday World, Jakob wants the kids to return to his home country. 

Denise says their move to Germany was not meant to be permanent. 

"We went to Germany temporarily because the second applicant’s mother was sick. The intentions were always to live permanently in South Africa, hence we bought a house in South Africa. My residence permit ( in Germany) is expiring on the 20th day of August 2024 because we went to Germany temporarily," the publication quoted her as saying in court documents filed in the Johannesburg High Court.

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Denise Zimba divorce

Denise also reveals what led to the end of their marriage in her court filing. She accuses Jakob of cheating, according to the Sunday World

The former Vuzu Entertainment presenter allegedly "found him masturbating while texting another female". Jakob has previously denied cheating on his wife.  

Denise says that her ex and his family did not help her look after the kids while they were living in Germany. She tried to get her mother to assist, but her husband allegedly refused to pay for her plane ticket. 

"I requested him to pay for a flight for my mother to come to Germany and help me with children; he also refused, but he took his cat to the doctor and paid 900 euros,” Denise stated in the affidavit, according to the publication. 

Denise's family in South Africa appear to be giving her the support she feels was lacking from her life in Germany. In June, she praised her brother for always having her back and helping her with her daughters. 

"Anyone who knows me, knows this man, and his kind heart. Never judges anyone, and always ready to give the clothes on his back to any stranger in need. THATS MY BIG BROTHER My brother has always been heaven sent. We choose the life we enter, and he said, ‘I got you, let’s go!’ Thank you for being a Papa to my babas!" she wrote. 

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In December last year, Denise revealed that 2023 was one of her most difficult years.

"2023 has been my toughest year … actually since Covid! Every year just got worse and worse … exhausted is an understatement … I’m just glad that despite everything, all my decisions have been extremely beneficial for my girls! What times we in …" she wrote on X. 

Three months later, she revealed that she was a single parent. 

"Had such a good time with my girls in the sun today. Getting a hang of this single parenting. Just us three," she wrote on her Instagram Story in March. 

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