Proud at 46! Danny K reacts to plastic surgery claims

Proud at 46! Danny K reacts to plastic surgery claims

Who the hell looks the same after 27 years? Danny K feels good about himself and couldn't be bothered by the hate...

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Danny K/ Instagram (@dannykj23)

South African singer Danny K is setting the record straight after being accused of going under the knife. 

Social media users made the claims after the 'Hurt So Bad' hitmaker shared a "seemingly innocent" video of himself making fun of comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout on TikTok

The 46-year-old looked very different from his 'Brown Eyes' days. You know, because we all go through this thing called ageing. 

"What happened to him?" one TikTok user commented. "Stop with the botox and fillers," another user added.

A third wrote: "Danny K from Temu? Is that you?"

However, many people also defended the singer. "People act like they don’t age. Danny K was my teenage crush. I’m older, and he’s still an amazing artist," one woman wrote. 

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@dannykofficial @schalkbezuidenhout ♬ Real Man - Danny K


Danny got wind of the comments and decided to address the hate. 

"A commentary of my appearance accusing me of the biggest bulls***, of Botox, plastic surgery — all of which if I did have, who the bloody hell cares. People use filters on this platform. People put makeup on for hours, all to try to make themselves a little younger, a little more attractive, make themselves feel a little better about themselves," he said in a follow up video. 

The singer is not in denial about his age, and can't understand why people expect him to look the same way he did nearly 30 years ago. 

"After three decades in this business - having good and bad and everything in between - you really need to stop caring. This photo is 27 years different from that. Who the hell looks the same after 27 years? I am turning 47 this year and I feel good about myself, and so should you.”

He advised his followers not to take comments people leave under their posts too seriously - good or bad. 

"If they say you are amazing, try not to get your ego inflated by that. In the same breath, when they're criticising you, they're hating on you [and] the trolls on the internet, who have nothing better to do, are spitting venom - you won't care either. Feel good about yourself, and make sure you are spreading positivity in the world."

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@dannykofficial "Don't let praise inflate your head, nor negativity deflate your heart." #Nofilter #BEKind ♬ original sound - Danny K


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