'A Crown that Lasts' - Demi-Leigh Tebow set to release memoir

'A Crown that Lasts' - Demi-Leigh Tebow set to release memoir

From pageant queen to author! Demi-Leigh Tebow hopes to inspire people to free themselves from society's expectations and walk confidently in their true identity...

Demi Leigh Tebow's book cover
Former Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Tebow has written a memoir/Instagram(@demitebow)

Former Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Tebow (née Nel-Peters) has announced plans to release a memoir. 

'A Crown that Lasts: You Are Not Your Label' is set to debut in August. 

Demi-Leigh, who currently lives in America with her husband - former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, says she began writing the book a few years ago.

"I realised I had so much internal work I still needed to do in order to write the message, I felt God was calling me to write. I realised that writing this book was just as much for myself as it was for you all, and it’s something I’m still learning too! The message in 'A Crown That Lasts' isn’t one I feel worthy of sharing, but it is one I feel very called to share," she said. 

The 28-year-old was inspired to write the book after she handed over her Miss Universe crown in 2018. 

"The night I handed over the Miss Universe crown, I walked off stage and found Tim, who had flown across the world to Thailand to support me in this pivotal moment. While I was so happy to see him, in that moment I felt confused, embarrassed, empty, and without direction," she wrote on Instagram. 

Demi-Leigh says she never really thought about life after her reign.

"On a night where I should have felt like the world was mine to take, I had no idea what came next. When I competed for the Miss Universe crown, I knew every detail of the process. And for that year, I was so focused on the task at hand, I never once thought to plan for what happens after you give the crown back, or what happens after you reach your goal or achieve your dreams."

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Demi-Leigh has had many labels given to her over the years. They've included 'pageant queen', 'Tim Tebow's wife', and 'influencer'. 

However, she realised that she was more than just a label, and embarked on a journey of self discovery. 

"Regardless of that next thing you’re striving for, I want you to know that you are SO much more than a label placed on you by others, in the eyes of the Lord. You have a royal identity, as a child of the King, and this means you have a very specific purpose in His greater plan." 

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Demi-Leigh says she wants people to free themselves from society’s expectations and find their true identity

"My prayer is that God uses my experiences, stories and lessons – including the ones I’ve learned the hard way – to help you claim your true identity, become more confident in God and live out your unique purpose too!"

Demi-Leigh's book is currently available for pre-order. The book will officially be released on Tuesday, August 13. 

She told PEOPLE magazine that the book is divided into four parts - dig, plant, grow, and flourish. 

"I realised that I had to dig and I had to find the root cause. I had to really go and understand where my identity is rooted in. My faith is very important to me as a Christian. I had to dive into the Bible. I had to dive into the word of God and really understand what my creator thinks of me, what He says of me. And essentially, that is where I found my lasting identity. 

"That is why I get to wear 'a crown that lasts' because I had to realise and recognise that, in God's eyes, I am the crown, I am the treasure," Demi-Leigh said

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