Conrad Muller's 'Conquer' pays tribute to his late brother

Conrad Muller's 'Conquer' pays tribute to his late brother

The song also shares a message of hope...

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Tome is the realisation of a lifelong dream by vocalist Conrad Muller that’s remained dormant for most of his life, but has come to fruition with the release of his debut single Conquer.

Originally recorded by RIVVRS, Conquer shares a message of hope that really spoke to Conrad. He explains, “I hope that when someone listens to Conquer, they feel comforted and uplifted by the message: that no matter what you are having to endure right now, you can and will conquer it and you will come out stronger. 

This is a message very dear to the singer’s heart, as it was this conviction that helped him deal with his brother’s death. His brother Daniel passed away from cancer in October last year.

Tome says, “I had watched my brother deteriorate and not once did he ever ask ‘why me?’ He just quietly got on with what he had to do and through his silent strength he conquered his own humanity and mortality.”

It was Daniel who encouraged Conrad to pursue his dream in music.  Daniel had told him he was wasting his talent and that he should take a chance. This conversation had remained with Conrad, even haunted him at times, until he made the final decision to record Conquer under the moniker Tome.

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Tome teamed up with Neil Benjamin and Lynne Poulsen Blamire to produce the track. It was then mastered by Sergio Trout at CapeTown Sound.  Patric van Blerk, Director at CapeTown Sound says, “The minute I heard this song, it just seemed like a huge left-field challenge – it fits no current radio formats. However it’s a challenge that has proved if one breakthrough, the song can be huge.”

Tome adds, “Conquer may seem dark at first but there is a strong underlying sense of determination and a conviction to overcome in the song.  For me the song represents how my brother approached his certain death. There must have been days where he did not want to continue, where everything was just too much to consider. Yet he did continue, he managed to overcome his own fears and he conquered his disease even though it took his life.”

Tome concludes, “My honest and humble hope is that through this I can make some small difference in someone's life. Life can be so pressurised at times that it would seem wrong of me not to dream it and create music to try and achieve it.”

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