Christina Applegate shares bucket list amid multiple sclerosis battle

Christina Applegate shares bucket list

Christina Applegate has shared the two things she hopes to do before dying.

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Christina Applegate/ Instagram

Christina Applegate understands that our time on earth is limited and one should make the most of it. 

The actress, who is battling with multiple sclerosis, took to Twitter to share her bucket list. 

"There are things I want to do with the days I have left in life," she wrote. 

Christina was diagnosed with MS in June 2021. She opened up about this in August of the same year. 

Her bucket list starts with a wish to work with the legendary actress Shirley MacLaine. 

"I want to work with Shirley MacLaine," she wrote on Instagram. 

She added that she also wants to have fun with the singer known as the 'Goddess of Pop'. 

 The actress said she wants to "do shots with Cher!"

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Christina has spoken about how the illness has been affecting her. 

In April, she said she had relapsed. 

"I'm in relapse right now pretty bad," she said on the 'MeSsy' podcast. 

She said she was suffering from "intense pain" in her legs and "not being able to to walk to the bathroom without feeling like" she was "going to fall". 

She added that she felt "insane tingling that just has spurts of tingles that are weird coming from my butt down".

The actress has also battled with sleep because of discomfort in her eye. 

"I tried looking it up last night and it can be a symptom of MS that could be some kind of possible damage to the optic nerve in my eye," said Christina. "I couldn't sleep because every time I would close my eye, my eye would start doing some crazy sh*t."

 “The legs are just done,” she said. “I can’t get circulation, I can’t get them to stop hurting." 

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Other celebrities who suffer from MS are Jamie-Lynn and Montel Williams.

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