Charlize Theron schools David Oyelowo on Afrikaans slang
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Charlize Theron schools David Oyelowo on Afrikaans slang

It seems that the homegrown actor has not forgotten her South African roots after all. 

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Charlize Theron is flying the South African flag high and is very much still in touch with the country and things going on in it. 

Over the years, many have criticised Theron for her American accent, to which she defended herself saying that it helped her to survive over the years in Hollywood. 

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While some think that she has forgotten her roots, this video will prove otherwise. In a recent video shot by Vanity Fair, she teamed up with British actor David Oyelowo to school him on Afrikaans slang words. 

The two are out and about promoting their new film Gringo, which is set to be released today, 9th March. 

In the video, you can hear Charlize explaining some of the common Afrikaans slang words including pomp and babelaas. David then took the chance to school Charlize on some slang from his mother tongue, Yoruba.  

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No matter what accent she has, Charlize is still a true South African at heart and we love her for staying true to who she is.

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