Charlize Theron opens up about her biggest beauty regret

Charlize Theron opens up about her biggest beauty regret

Same, girl, same! Every woman who grew up in the 90s regrets trying this beauty trend...

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron/ Instagram (@charlizeafrica)

Charlize Theron wishes she could turn back the hands of time to the 90s so she can undo a beauty trend that has haunted her for years. 

The 48-year-old actress shared her beauty tips in a recent interview with InStyle magazine. She also revealed one of her biggest beauty regrets. 

"Hands down, the thin eyebrows in the '90s. I'm still recovering from that," 'The Old Guard' star said. 

Everyone from Christina Aguilera to Gwen Stefani rocked thin eyebrows in the 90s and early 2000s. The pencil-thin eyebrows were achieved by tweezing a huge chunk of your eyebrow hairs off.

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Sadly, many women's eyebrows did not grow back after all that plucking! However, thanks to beauty techniques such as microblading and tinting eyebrows, women have been able to achieve a much fuller brow.

Even Charlize's eyebrows are much thicker these days!

Actress Meagan Good had to undergo an eyebrow transplant to get fuller brows. She even had her eyebrows tattooed way before microblading became a huge trend.

"Messing up my eyebrows in the 90s! It was such a thing to make your eyebrows as thin as possible, and I made mine as thin as possible. They never quite grew back completely. Ultimately, when I got older I ended up getting a hair transplant... but that was probably the worst thing that I did," she told Marie Claire in an interview.

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And just when we thought we had seen the end of this eyebrow-damaging trend, it seems to be making a comeback in 2023.

 Madonna was spotted with pencil-thin eyebrows at the 2023 Grammys. 

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Doja Cat shaved off her eyebrows in 2022, and has been sporting drawn-on thin eyebrows of late.

Make it stop! 

Main image credit: Instagram/@charlizeafrica

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